Broken Chains

Out of the Frying pan.

-MechaCheddar was defeated.
-the party fell into older ruins beneath the temple and fought and defeated a the K’lor’slug queen.
After searching the ruins they found out info about an artifact called the “Albatross.”
-They were approached by a mysterious givin who talked to Rick’s character about learning how to consume force users to gain power.
-they left the temple and met up with Jet Nebula. They left the planet promptly after being chased by the empire.

The sunken Temple

Jet Nebula sent you guys into a recently discovered old Jedi temple to retrieve data from the main computer.
-inside the temple was hostile wildlife that usually inhabit these kind of places.
-You found a bunch of journal logs from padawans that pointed to a hidden weapons cache.
-while moving around the temple you fought some K’lor’slugs and found notes on the species suggesting they operate like a hive with a queen at the head.
-You discovered the missing girl from Corellia named “Ord Mantell” and found out that she is a force sensitive and has been hiding here after the crash of the “Nuria.” She mentioned being captured/chased by McCheddar who was working with another “blue skinned man in a white fancy uniform.” She described her enemies as scary people with white armor.
-MechaCheddar showed up and is trying to take the girl back.

Freedom has a price

Jet nebula took his new “crew” on their first assignment to kill a low level criminal named Obosto.
After traveling to smugglers town and interrupting a deal that Obsoto was apart of, the adventurers killed him and also severely wounded their nemesis McCheddar (I mean they really really messed him up, like he’s seeing the light at the end of the tunnel kinda messed up). McCheddar ended up escaping again and the adventurers returned the stolen moisture transports to the ungrateful farmer brown.

Trouble in motion

The players were picked up by secret blacksun members who lied about helping them and eventually captured them aboard their transport ship.

They were then sold to Teemo The Hutt who bought them as slaves for his gladiatorial arena fights. The players fought off fierce creatures from the arena like an unknown species of spiked wolf and a obritch Lancer. They atlast faced the might Rancor which seemed a daunting task untill they outsmarted it and killed it.
Enraged by losing his prize arena monster Teemo the Hutt was about to ship them off to the spice mines to work as laborers when a strange man stepped out from the crowd and offered to purchase the players for 80,000 credits after seeing their potential. His name was Jet Nebula.

The Adventure begins.

-The group met up on the starship Nuria as it was traveling across the galaxy.

-The group ran into some shady characters on the ship after kinda finding out they were up to no good.

-They ship was attacked and they were able to escape with others aboard.

-They crashed onto the planet and began to make their way across the desert in search of shelter, eventually they ended up finding part of the Nuria’s fresh wreckage were Kluk managed to find his gear.
A nearby traveler picked up their location via com link and offered to take them to the nearest town of “Mos Shuta”


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