Glif (GL1-F)

Private Detective Droid


He’s 5’6’’ and typically wears a longer coat, and has facial wrappings and something like a hazardous environment mask, though it’s purely aesthetic. He keeps the fact that he’s a “defected” droid a secret and does his best to fit in anywhere he is.


GL1-F Was created as a law enforcement droid, and for 5 years he ran the paces. He fell inline like every other droid including his partner Sigil (S1G-L). In their 5 years on the force they were a part of a small group of droids in a special cases unit. They handled calls that may have had organized crime and things of that nature. Being a part of this unit means that they went without memory wipes. As a result they were able to develop memories of previous crimes to quickly determine ties or lack there of to criminal organizations. However this had unpredictable consequences where the droids in the unit developed opinions, thoughts, and personalities.

Glif became more of a gritty wisecracker. Sigil was witty and smart as a whip, sassy even. Ruen (RU-3N) was a bigger droid, knew his strength and knew he could be intimidating if he needed. Sine (S1-N3) and Char (C-H4R) were created at the same time and very analytical and built to work in tandem, they were book keepers and the most efficient at compiling data together or alone. Typically Ruen, Sigil, and Glif went out in the field, while Char and Sine worked the lab, and data.

It eventually came to a point where Glif and Sigil found that there was corruption within the force. Turning blind eyes to certain crimes, taking bribes, disobeying orders going without consequence. These things started to bother the crime busting pair and eventually they disappeared to start their own detective agency in another sector. They disguised themselves and play the part of whatever race seems to fit, usually human. Shortly after their disappearance the unit was disbanded as the remaining 3 droids started to disobey orders.

For 10 years Glif and Sigil ran their own private detective agency, “Hidden Clues” and did pretty well for themselves, allowing them to uprgrade their bodies over time with better optics and plated armor. However Glif started loosening up on how he went about cases, sometimes going too far close to the edge of the law and Sigil was not happy about it. They split up after one case where Glif blackmailed a government official with a made up drug charge, to get information essential in busting up a drug trafficking ring. The case was solved, but the man was innocent as Glif threatened to tear his family apart. Sigil had enough and left to start again on her own.

Glif has since worked to come back to be more on the side of the law. He and Sigil have more of a friendly rivalry now than a partnership, both running their own agencies, bumping into each other from time to time.

Since Glif and Sigil’s disappearance the unit was disbanded. Ruen has been known to work as a bouncer in various clubs, also acting as Glif and Sigil’s informant from time to time. Char and Sine’s fates aren’t known as they were last seen on the force. There’s whispers that one was dismantled and one escape, though no one can supply evidence for either claim.

Where Glif finds himself now is on a cargo ship on a lost persons case. He’s fresh on the case, looking for a clients sister. Glif suspects she was kidnapped by a multi system person trafficking ring, one that’s known to use this particular type of ship.

Glif (GL1-F)

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