Broken Chains

The sunken Temple

Jet Nebula sent you guys into a recently discovered old Jedi temple to retrieve data from the main computer.
-inside the temple was hostile wildlife that usually inhabit these kind of places.
-You found a bunch of journal logs from padawans that pointed to a hidden weapons cache.
-while moving around the temple you fought some K’lor’slugs and found notes on the species suggesting they operate like a hive with a queen at the head.
-You discovered the missing girl from Corellia named “Ord Mantell” and found out that she is a force sensitive and has been hiding here after the crash of the “Nuria.” She mentioned being captured/chased by McCheddar who was working with another “blue skinned man in a white fancy uniform.” She described her enemies as scary people with white armor.
-MechaCheddar showed up and is trying to take the girl back.



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