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Welcome to the Edge of the Empire campaign “Broken Chains.”
Edge of the Empire is the first out of three starwars based roleplaying game books. Each of the three books take place at different parts of the starwars timeline. We will be focusing on Edge of the Empire which is the first one and takes place after Episode 4: A New Hope and before Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back. In this campaign (Broken Chains) the story starts a year after the Rebellion has destroyed the first Death Star.

After its first major victory against the empire, the Rebellion has been forced to flee as the Empire has retaliated by destroying their main base on Yavin 4. They are relentlessly pursued by the Empire as they seek to establish a new main base. Fleeing_civilians.jpg
Unfortunately, civilians and rebel-sympathizers alike are caught in the wake. From being imprisoned and departed to labor camps if they don’t cooperate or even being executed, civilians are forced to flee the terrible Empire by running to the fringes of space where law doesn’t exist and chaos flourishes.

Its a hard life here on the fringes of space or better known as “The Outer Rim Territories.” There is little structured government and even law and order are a rare thing to come by. Criminals profit from the refugees and others that flee to this area. Most of the territory is owned by the cynical Hutt gangs who are constantly at war with each other over the most trivial matters (the Hutts are giant slug-like creatures that are extremely influential in the crime world). The rest of the territory is divided between space pirates, rouge civilizations, uninhabitable planets and unexplored space. Streetwise.jpg

Your story begins in this war-torn galaxy. You have risen up among the civilians, traders, bounty hunters and smugglers and decided to forge a new destiny! Will you decide to fight against the empire or profit from its oppressive rule? Or have you chosen an entirely different path all together?


Home Page

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